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Guilt free slowing down

I have wanted to write about this for ages. I live with it every moment of everyday these days and I notice it happening all around me. People are getting sick from it and yet it carries on getting faster and faster. Our notion of time is speeding life up. And maybe it is imploding
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Cold Season

Yoga to support a habitual life

In order to survive successfully in our challenging world, we learn to habituate certain activities. Anything we do repetitively almost inevitably becomes a habit directly impacting our bodies. Think of all the things you do that create repetitive muscle use. Driving to work, your job, especially if you have a physical one, like gardening and
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A retreat – the perfect answer to your next time out

Retreating is the new buzz word to replace the traditional holiday. It’s SUCH an essential piece of time well spent, to maintain balance in a world which let’s face it on some levels, has gone a bit mental in terms of lifestyle and time deprivation. Have you noticed just how many retreats are on offer
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Guru’itis’ – A Modern Yoga Teachers Ailment

I feel quite nauseous these days and quite uneasy about the way Yoga is portrayed in world  by people who act like small Gods. They have a huge following but at their heart, bless em, they pretend it’s about their students but really they love ‘Yoga posing’ and love to be adored. To me these
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Bring Your Mind to the Mat

You will often hear Yoga teachers saying that the body, breath and mind is the important combination for wholesome practise and it’s true for me too. I believe your breath is the energetic bridge that develops a relationship between your mind and your body and opens a strong life long dialogue that encourages happiness and
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anatomy and yoga

The Ultimate Stretch

I have done a whole heap of exercise in my life time. I started with team sports at school (loathed it!) then into my 20s and 30s I was a gym bunny on and off and latterly it’s just Yoga, Yoga and more Yoga. An intrinsic  part of exercise is stretching muscles effectively so you
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Yoga top

It’s How Yoga Feels that Matters

Through our senses we communicate with the world around us and translate what we sense and see into action/reaction etc. I really feel our Western world is at saturation and overload even, from ‘eye candy’ in everything we do. Images of the next desired thing adorn our shop shelves and we often compare ourselves to
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Asana with misalignment joints

Yoga & Your Joints

I am fierce advocate for doing Yoga with healthy joint alignment because I am a firm believer that Yoga can and will over stress your body if you don’t learn to understand how it works and do postures that feel right to you. And as Yoga is something you can do right up to when
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Yoga G Posture Tips – Seated Forward Bends

Following on from back bends, lets look at seated forward bends. Paschimottanasana  in Sanskrit, is a forward bend, done sitting on your butt. It’s one of the 12 core Integral Hatha Yoga postures and is brilliant for stretching your ‘back legs’ i.e hamstrings, calves, Achilles tendons. As with back bends, the key here is to
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Christmas blog

The Love Energy of Christmas

Have you noticed as Christmas approaches a certain energy descends on us? Like a mist it silently drifts into our minds and hearts urging us to, connect deeper and appreciate those we love more or act on things we don’t like in our lives, or reflect on times gone by with those who are not
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