Relationship MOT

The Relationship MOT is essentially a health check for your relationship. It offers you a chance with your partner or alone, to have a one off chat over a cuppa or on Skype with me, about your relationship dilemmas past and present. I will help 

you assess areas that could do with focus and attention and offer advice for the future.

I like to use the analogy of islands to describe the place that each of us view and operate from. “Unless you become present with your partner on their island, your relationship will limp along when the going gets tough”. This is a session jam packed full of advice and tips to help you moved forward.

What will the MOT look at ?

  1. Current issues

  2. How you communicate in times of conflict

What will I get from the session?

  1. A chance to choose to look at yourself within the dynamic of your relationship and a choice to begin to change what needs to be changed.

  2. Your relationship cycle, from the honeymoon phase through to true love and why each stage is Universally created.

  3. The conflict style you tend to take.

  4. The relationship space and how you can create a better one.

  5. A method to help you communicate in difficult times.

How long will a session last ?

1 hour

How much does it cost ? – BOOK

£55 per session