Free Stuff

1. Free Ebook  

“I have just read Gina’s e-book which is so easily written; her presence is clear, and her skills are offered but there is no hard sell, demand or neediness. It’s the sort of approach that i have been seeking for my marketing stuff, wondering what do I need to say that doesn’t infer fault, helplessness, needing me? Fabulous inspiration. I know what to put my intention on now.” Deborah D

2. Free 30 minute consultation – BOOK

No matter who you choose to work with in life, be it a therapist, coach, colleague or friend, you need to have intuitive resonance with that person in order to make the required shifts in your life. In an instant we often know whether someone can help us or not. It’s a connection and just a gut instinct.

After reading this ebook, you may want to chat about your personal desire to create a conscious relationship. Gina offers relationship advice and a chance to hook up on the phone initially for a no-obligation 30 minute free chat about where you are at in your love life and how she can help you going forward. Here’s what you will cover together:

  1. Why you called (see below).

  2. Pearls of immediate wisdom. Gina’s own experience coupled with her relational training will provide some initial insight as to why you maybe experiencing difficulties.

  3. Recommended next steps. Help with Gina or books etc.

What you can do to prepare

So that you can have a productive 30 mins and with the aim of “what you put in you get out” please think about :

  1. Are you really ready to commit and change the way you have always done things?

  2. What are the 3 keys things that you find difficult in your relationships?

  3. Describe 3 ways in which you are self aware in your relationships?

  4. Describe the type of partners you normally get into relationships with. There maybe a  pattern!