LIVE online Yoga

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LIVE online classes are such fun. All you need is your mat, a quiet indoor space and your laptop.



  • Time savings not leaving the house – Getting ready to go to class, driving there, doing the class, then coming home again can take double or more the time and lets face it life is so busy.

  • Doing Yoga in the comfort of your own home  – It’s wonderful! In wintertime if it is snowing  you don’t even have to leave the house.

  • Personal attention on your mat – Gina can see you on your mat (isn’t that really cool!) and will give you verbal adjustments to assist you in developing your practise.

  • Audio guidance – The audio quality is brilliant and really you need to hear Gina more than you need to see her, especially if you are a more experienced Yogi. Guidance is the key and having a creative practise is great when you can’t think of what to do on your mat

  • Better personal commitment – Because you have an appointment to keep with Gina it means you have to be there. Online pre-recorded classes…mmm… lets face it, many of us just won’t bother to do it and reach for the vino instead.

  • No need to get dressed up – You can turn up on your mat and you don’t have to make the effort to get ready or put your lippy on ladies! Imagine…you can be in your jim jams if you want to (thats pyjamas or PJs for anyone who doesn’t know!)

  • Interactivity like a real Yoga class – You can see all of the other students in the online class and can interact with Gina whenever you need to.

  • Great quality instruction – Hearing Gina adjust another student gives you immediate things to check on in your own practise.

  • Personal access to Gina  – Now I can have access to Gina’s really good and wholesome Yoga teaching wherever I am in the world.


Who’s it for exactly? 

  • Anyone who loves Yoga but can’t find a local teacher, class or studio that inspires.

  • If you travel a lot on business and have your laptop handy.

  • Mums/Dads who can’t leave the house because because the kids are in bed.

  • Busy people with busy lives who don’t have alot of spare time but who really need to exercise.


OK now I am seriously interested……Ok then….go email Gina