My story

Gina is a relationship educator and coach as well as a Yoga guide, which in essence means she helps you to learn about the deeper and often unconscious aspects that drive you to do and say the things you do in relationships. The things that create more conflict and keep you chained to repeat patterns.

The lows

Gina is not a counsellor or psychologist but would say, an expert in falling in love and getting hurt. She has a 25 year portfolio of experience in love relationships, which she often fondly reflect on and is now the proud owner of. She doesn’t have any major sob stories to tell you, but it is true that she has allowed her heart to take a beating more than a few times.

Gina’s relationship with her dad, a key role model, along with many happy memories, was essentially troubled.  Her dad was always married to her mum, but he was a complex man who gambled and had a fiery temper. Life at home was a fertile ground for regular arguments especially with mum and that scared the life out of her on many occasions. Gina never really felt safe around her dad and not knowing what kind of mood he was going to be in, caused daily angst. All she wanted, was for him to approve of her and show her he loved her.

As Gina grew up she didn’t really understand men so she learnt by trial and error. Her marriage ended 6 weeks after the big day and then after a string of relationships that were destined to fail because she had become so needy for love, she decided enough was enough at the ripe old age of 41!

The turning point

Gina wanted to know why she was so strongly attracted to the “wrong” men who were non-committal and unsafe for the female heart. During a trip to India in 2007, someone said to her “You must become the person you want to attract Gina“. It was a revelation. So she was attracting men who were simply reflecting what she was giving out. Gina needed to change the recipe quick!

She set about self-education and reading all the books she could get her hands on about love and why we do the things we do. The result? It was ALL about her and “what we give out we get back”. Seems so simple, but how many of us really know what to do about it?

My Conscious Relationship

IMG_1983After 25 years of breaking her heart time after time, Gina finally learned the stuff she now wants to share with you and has manifested her very own ‘Happily Ever After’. She has a conscious relationship.

Gina met Joel when she had lost the need to look for love. How many people say to you, “When you are not looking someone will come along”. Wise words indeed. It happened just like that after 2 years in happy singledom after she had completed her relationship education.

Gina and Joel had both spent over 15 years self developing and working with other people and so got right on with the business of healing and growth. They are both fully aware of themselves and the fact that they are never going to be perfect.

But in the “not being perfect” they accept each other as they are today because that’s ok! Authentic people are good and bad, nice and nasty, it’s a normal cycle, the same as day turning to night. Conscious loving is about acceptance right here, right now and offering each other support and nurturing, beyond the bad and painful inner bits, to a place where past experiences can be let go of in a safe and loving space.

Joel and Gina are absolutely in love. It’s not a “head in the clouds” romance with blind spots, but a fully committed, down to earth relationship, where their number one desire is to want the best for each other and their relationship. Their journey together is a daily revelation and hot bed of learning, but they know that with kindness and compassion they can navigate anything that comes up, together.

Gina’s commitment to you

It is an incredible feeling to know that every minute of Gina’s heartaches in love were worth it and it’s very healing to know she can help you understand the stuff she thinks you can’t know by just being in a relationship.

So, Gina is taking all of her relational experience, blended with the soothing balm of education and wants to help you, first of all, discover who you really are and what makes you happy and then to help you move out of reaction into action by educating you in the art of creating your very own conscious and healthy relationships. The Law of Attraction states that whatever your thoughts, you attract to you what you radiate. Negative attracts negative and so on. So the starting point must be working on changing your point of attraction. The healthier you become, the healthier people you will attract on all levels.

Gina’s vision is to help create laboratories of healing for couples and soon to be couples, so that future generations will know the true meaning of happiness in authentic conscious love.

What’s on offer for you?

1:1’s / Skype / phone calls / MOTs 

Gina’s ingredients and inspiration

Gina trained as an IMAGO Relationship Educator with IMAGO Relationships International. This work forms some of the essence of her teaching for couples and singles. It is different from any other form of relationship work she has ever experienced and is centred around the Intentional Dialogue tool, which helps people to connect within a safe and healthy space.

Harville Hendrix and his wife Helen La Kelly Hunt have lovingly developed and created IMAGO over many years and as many have said, their work “just makes sense”. IMAGO totally transformed Gina’s attitude and thinking about her relationships past and present. She is now enjoying the release from very old chains through the most amazing conscious relationship that she once only dreamed of.

Here Harville and Helen talk about the sacred meaning of relationship……

Gina is also inspired and uses the powerful work of Hedy & Yumi Schleifer, who are the founder/creators of Crossing the Bridge. Their method of helping couples communicate in the right way, involves the 3 invisible connectors. The space, the bridge and the encounter of the souls. Gina has never before witnessed true love in action, when all the “baggage” of issues and problems seem irrelevant. When one person actually “sees” the other in truth and openness, the mind takes a side step to allow the hearts to connect. It is beautiful work. And guess what, it’s available for all of us to experience because we are human!

Here Hedy explains what happens when we fall in love and that it is possible to fall deeper in love as the years pass.

Whatever your relationship journey, there is always richness in learning and if you are in a relationship then it’s always possible to grow together despite the current issues. Gina wishes you love and luck.

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  • hello there !
    I came across your article that someone posted on Facebook and im so glad i did.I have been searching for answers and guidence on my relationship and wasnt finding the answers i had been searching for .I would love to be able to have a consious relationship but havent been able to make a change..Iv been stuck in this negative cycle that is hard for me to break and my relationship is suffering from it. Hearing about your story gives me some hope.

    • Hello, well I am so glad you found the right words that speak to you! Happy to help you and your partner if you need some guidance. There are over 50 blogs on here so have a read and if you need further assistance then please email me. Conscious relating is so important. Life happens to all of us but it’s how a dialogue through it particularly in our intimate relationships thats key into our growth and healing. Blessings for now x

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