Are you a yang woman?

Are you a woman who wears the trousers?

Gina works exclusively with strong women who are at the helm of their lives but who are experiencing health and relationship overload. Using a combination of body coaching through Yoga, healing and relationship advice, 1:1 and on retreat, she helps you find a regime for self preservation that gives you much needed ease, space and happiness. 


You will know this classic symbol which represents Universal contrast but also the balancing aspects of Yin and Yang. Yang is known to be the more masculine aspect and Yin the softer more feminine. The balance of Yin and Yang in the body is critical to keeping good health. Disease can be described as patterns of excess or deficiency of Yin or Yang.

The ‘Yang’ woman is everywhere in various degrees in western world living, much as a result of the swing from the patriarchal world that we once knew. She runs countries, corporations, businesses and homes and has grown balls!

It’s fantastic when in balance but in some ways women of today are suffering from having swung the pendulum into an inauthentic feminine place. This can severely affect relationship balance, particularly in intimate partnerships and health, because the natural essence of the authentic feminine woman, which is at the very core of their being, is heavily ignored at the expense of having balls.

Below is the essence and profile of a Yang woman. You may identify with some or all of her aspects and understand how some of the problems you are experiencing, maybe to do with being a little too ‘Yang’ in your life.

Her essence 

Yang women run their energy in a more masculine way. They are busy, head driven women and often wear the trousers in their partnerships. They are business women, corporates and or working mums. We show up in all forms!

They are great directors and leaders in whatever they do but find stopping and being still very difficult. They are high achievers and expectors and often cram too much into their week at the expense of their health.

Yang women tend to attract partners who are degrees of feminine in nature and attitude, which is a source of frustration and confusion because they haven’t discovered that their masculinity is attracting the opposite.

Their fitness regime centres around competitive sport, cardio fitness and their body’s often carry a lithe or muscular shape with tension and tightness apparent particularly in neck and shoulders, low back and womb areas.

They like to be martyrs and complain of ‘doing it all’ while no-one else can, in their mind, match up to doing things the way the Yang woman can. She doesn’t suffer fools and others find it hard to keep up to her very high expectations which she struggles to enjoy for herself.

Loneliness can plague a yang woman and her core wound maybe around ‘I am not enough’ when in essence she is SO much she doesn’t need anyone.

She leans towards defended independence and yet actually she really craves interdependence.

Her health often suffers because she doesn’t build in time to allow her body to catch up and therefore low grade stress symptoms often reside. In older yang women there is the risk of deeper intrinsic illness like ME, given a mind body increasing gap. She will often ignore her body for the sake of the task at hand.

She is easily stressed with others because she is rushing through life and actually not enjoying the mental pace, but feels caught up in a circle of ‘can’t stop.’

Single yang women can frighten men off who see their often fierce independence and feel they can’t give her what she needs because she seems to not need anyone! Yang women are often highly sexed and carry a predatory tendency if they really want a man, however underneath they are putty soft and fragile emotionally and incredibly sensitive. What they really want is just to be scooped up, loved and taken care of. She can get plenty of sex, but little deep love which is what she craves.

When yang woman is hurt, watch out world! She is vocal to a tee and everyone knows how she feels. She wears her mouth and heart on her sleeve.

She is fiercely loyal, slow to trust but when she falls in love, she falls deep and completely.

Yang women in relationship wear the trousers and direct how life should run, however they do struggle to feel comfortable because of the deep inner calling to experience the authentic feminine woman who is creative, wisdomful and receptive.  They can feel a great need to try and get their man to be a ‘real man’ and are often on at their partners to change themselves to step up to yang woman’s very high expectations.

Yang women give too much and don’t often feel worthy of receiving. This one way flow is heavily depleting to the physical body and emotions.

She is also a major control freak and often uncompromising and makes her presence and views felt on every subject.

Yang woman fear loss acutely and have a sense of inner discontentment which keeps her driven to achieve and be better and yet it actually drives her to deeper discontentment.

They are emotional creatures and find it hard to get the psycho/physical/emotional balance.

Her problems

  • She gives too much but can’t receive

  • She’s always doing it all

  • She often feels like a lone warrior in life and has too many people dependent on her which deep down scares her alot.

  • She has no time for consistent self care

  • Her body can’t keep up with her mind so she suffers physical stress and she pushes herself alot, often running on empty.

  • Her partner just isn’t man enough.

  • She feels disconnected from the meaning of life, herself and feels discontent no matter how much material wealth or achievement is gained.

  • Single Yang women can’t find the right man who will love them for who they are

  • She feels incomplete / not accepted

Her desires

  • Time to reset the balance and step down from the front line of life

  • To be the authentic woman who is creative, wisdomful and receptive.

  • To slow life right down

  • Space to nurture the body and to feel deeply connected to the meaning of life and not feel guilty about it.

  • To be loved completely and accepted

  • To be more inter-dependent

  • For her partner to take over and take care of her sometimes